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Do you want to advertise on is Denmark's oldest software archive. The page has over 4,000 unique, Danish reviews of software online, is visited by more than 25,000 visitors each month. Together they generate about 50,000 unique pageviews. The typical visitor of is a Danish man aged 45-70 years with a lot of interest in IT. At, you can get your message out to this audience through different advertising options.

Banner Advertising offers three different types of banner formats to our advertisers. These are sizes 729x90, 300x250 and 160x600. If you have an advertiser requesting other formats or a tailored campaign for your message, we're happy to help you.

The newsletter's newsletter is broadcast to more than 10,000 active recipients each week. If you want your message directly in the audience's inbox, you can purchase your advertising space in the newsletter, or an exclusive broadcast that only contains your message if it is relevant to our users. For more information, please contact Martin M. Jørgensen from at e-mail, or by phone +45 44 40 81 78.

Second type of advertising

If you want to get your software out to our visitors, a link to a related page, or a completely different type of campaign on, Martin M. Jørgensen from will assist you with this. You can contact Martin by e-mail, or by phone +45 44 40 81 78.

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